Sonal Gupta


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I am passionate about solving impactful user problems by leading the life-cycle of innovating state-of-the-art in AI, building proof-of-concept experiences, and shipping them to users. I am an experienced leader who has led research, research-to-product, and product ML teams innovating in Generative AI and Assistant technology, garnering executive interest. In addition to the technical leadership, my strength is to solve big problems by bringing together smart people, often in distributed locations, in different functions. I love mentoring and growing people.

I believe AI will become a much bigger part peoples' lives over the next few decades and I want to be a small part of the big revolution.

I currently lead a team of researchers and engineers in Meta's GenAI org. I am working on GenAI for media. Previously, I was at Meta's AI arm, FAIR -- checkout our most recent work at

Previously, I was responsible for scoping and leading the medium-to-long term org strategy for moon shot NLP projects in the Meta's Assistant org. I led the strategy across 3 orgs to identify and solve big impactful user problems using NLP innovation.

I got a PhD in NLP from Stanford University in bootstrapping information extraction using very few examples. I have a Masters from UT Austin where I worked on multi-modal vision+NLP models.